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Austin Doula Care has everything you need for pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. Our team of doulas offer a variety of childbirth preparation classes, breastfeeding & newborn classes, labor support for you & your family, individual & group postpartum support, & more. We have everything you & your family need to enter your parenting journey with support & confidence.


The Community

Austin Doula Care was founded by Kim Borchert & Chelsea Greenwald to create a community where all are welcomed with open arms. The Austin Doula Care community is the place where you will find the information & support you need to navigate your journey into parenthood.




VBAC Success

“When I decided to hire a doula I wanted someone who would have the knowledge and experience to help make my second birth different than my first. I knew immediately after talking with Kim and Chelsea that they were the perfect women to help make that happen. Kim being a VBAC mom herself helped me to navigate through my emotions and fears. She was the first person I ever talked to to offer me and explanation about my first birth and support me in ways to prevent a repeat C section. They helped me to feel prepared leading up to my due date. They checked in on me throughout my pregnancy. When it came time, I had such a peace knowing that she would be there. I knew I would not be alone in advocating for my wishes and supported every step of the way. Kim was so instrumental through my labor and delivery. When I became anxious she was able to calm me. In the most intense moments of delivery I could look at the face of someone who's been there and know it was going to be alright. She helped my husband in ways to support me and be involved. I do not think my daughter's birth would have gone as well without them. ”

— Rainee H.


“We had the pleasure of stumbling across one of the best doulas in all of Austin! My husband I had interviewed a lot of people and just hadn’t found someone who was knowledgeable, confident, & soothing. Enter CHELSEA. We felt an instant connection like we’d known her all our lives… She became family. She brought so many tools to the birth and her lovely sense of humor to keep us going during the rough patches. There were times when I didn’t know what to do next- she asked for us to have time to discuss without the doctors present so we could stick to our plan or find a way to veer back to it. I needed that. I needed her strength too. Thanks to CHELSEA my first birth experience was amazing; I might even say magical. She’s checked in on us so many times afterwards. We are very thankful for her. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I can’t wait to get pregnant again and have her by my side.”

— Brianna W.

Super Hero

“Chelsea is a super hero in every sense. She swooped into my life when I needed her the most. I had my son at 35 weeks & struggled from the beginning, being in the NICU & “having” to use a nipple shield. Hearing conflicting things from different people at the hospital about what I should be doing. For a solid month I tried everything but it wasn’t clicking for us. My birth plan didn’t pan out & all I wanted was to be able to breast feed my son. Chelsea was my last resort. I told her if she couldn’t help us I was throwing in the towel. Within an hour she had my son not only feeding but without the nipple shield & we’ve been going strong ever since 5 months later. She gave me the confidence I was lacking, calmed my anxiety & had me looking at it from a different perspective than I was. It was amazing, she’s amazing. I tell everyone I know about her and am so grateful there are people like her out there helping out new moms.

Julie F.


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